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Sandstone may be defined as a stone made up of grains of quartz and other minerals of fairly uniform size and often smooth and rounded. These grains are held together by a cementing material which may be siliceous or ferruginous. The toughness of sandstone depends mostly on the nature of this cementing material.

Dolomite is the name of both carbonate rock and a mineral (formula: CaMg(CO3)2) which is named after is discoverer-a French mineralogist Deodat de Dolomieu consisting of a calcium magnesium carbonate. it contains 30.4% of CaO, 21.7% of MgO and 47.9% of CO2.

Sandstone is used for centuries as one of the primary building materials across the world. The main composition of sandstone has compacted granules of sand, quartz.

Characteristics and Uses of Sandstone:-

Sandstone is commonly found in a variety of colours such as grey, Honda grey, Khoki white, Beige, Yellow, Brown etc.

It has excellent weathering properties which makes it one of the most preferred construction materials. One of the most famous monuments of India, The Red fort in Delhi has it’s walls constructed of “Red Sandstone”.

The water absorption capacity is also remarkably low, up to a maximum of 1 % which is why it is very commonly used for construction purposes.

It has excellent durability and can withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Sandstone is widely used in the construction industry for the construction of buildings, roads, etc.

Silica being a major component, sandstone is also used in the glass industry, flooring and tile industry.

Information on the various types of Sandstone supplied by Indian minerals.

Teakwood Sandstone
Teak wood sandstone also is known Khatu Teak Sandstone has essentially look and texture similar to wood. It is a smooth yellow veined stone which is ideal for giving an aesthetic appeal resembling nature. It is widely used for constructing pavements, flooring.
Rainbow Sandstone
As it is quite evident from the name rainbow sandstone is distinctly recognised by light pinkish and red coloured lines. It brings a vibrant and colourful appeal. It is most commonly used in gardens and constructing sidewalks.
A variegation of sandstones supplied by Indian Minerals.
White, Grey, Brown, Honda grey, Yellow brown, Red is the diverse range of colours of sandstone supplied by us.

Each of these is procured from the tried and trusted mines located across India such as Kheda, Kasya, Bhilwara, Bijoliya to ensure that our customers get the best quality sandstone.