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June 22, 2016
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Sandstone is a type of stone that is made up of quartz grains as well as other minerals that come in more or less uniform sizes. The mineral grains often have smooth and rounded edges. The grains are usually held together with cementing materials like ferruginous or siliceous. Depending on the cementing material used, the toughness of the sandstone samples may vary greatly. Sandstone has been in use for several centuries as an important building material all over the world. Main components of sandstone include compacted granules of quartz and sand. Since there is always a high demand for sandstone in the building sector, sandstone suppliers are required to meet the requirements of their clients on a regular basis.

Although sandstone may be somewhat costly compared to certain other building materials, they are still widely in demand because of the distinct benefits they have to offer. It is due to this reason that sandstone exporters always get extensive orders for these materials. Let’s have a look at some of the features of sandstones that make them such great building materials.

  • Sandstone is a naturally occurring mineral. It is a variant of sedimentary rock that is comprised of feldspar or quartz. Sandstone is highly abundant in nature and therefore quite easily obtainable. Also known as arenite, it is known for high density and durability, which makes it an excellent building material unlike certain types of synthetically produced stones.
  • One of the most important properties of sandstone is its durability. It is for this reason that sandstone has been in use among various cultures over thousands of years. They have been used for constructing various buildings, edifices, and structures that have remained intact to this day.
  • The high-end durability and toughness of the sandstone materials make them perfect for being used in external constructions. Nevertheless, many building designers also use them as a replacement for tiles. In fact, interiors made from sandstone materials offer better aesthetic and practical benefits than common tiles.
  • Although sandstone materials are often costlier than tiles and concrete, they are certainly more affordable than granite and marble. The natural hardness of sandstone guarantees that unless the sandstone materials are not physically damaged, they do not require any additional maintenance on the part of the user. This makes them excellent construction materials to invest in.
  • Leading sandstone suppliers India can present excellent sandstone specimens to clients that come with excellent weatherproof features. For instance, these sandstone components can withstand acid rains or other corrosive elements rather easily. They can also tolerate thaw and freeze cycles that occur repetitively.
  • Compared to the other construction materials that often need lengthy preparatory time along with troublesome installation methods for getting them installed, sandstone can be installed rather easily and quickly. All one needs to make use of is mortar or lime to get the surface ready.
  • Most sandstone exporters India offer these building materials in a variety of depth and composition which can be used by builders to create diverse results


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