About Us

About Indian Minerals

With more than 30 years of Mining & Exports experience, the company have carved a distinct position offering clients with top notch quality Stone from INDIA. We also provide services like Supplier Selection, Pre-Shipment Inspection & Container Loading Supervision to ensure that all your products meet your quality standards. Our extensive investments in our mining partners have helped us to serve best to our customer’s requirement with right quality standards.

Our Mission

Indian Mineral’s mission is to assist customers to source natural resources / minerals from INDIA’s various mining partner companies spread across different part of India. It is our Network & Expertise to provide you the material at a price point, with seamless logistics that makes it easy for our customers to Import goods from India.

Mr. S.N. Chhipa is very well known as a Pioneer founder of Sodium Feldspar in Bhilwara (Rajasthan) 1986. His Mining experience has given the edge to Indian Minerals promoters to achieve a reputation of top Exporter of Minerals from India.

How does we work for Inspection?

i) Supplier Selection
Aside from your direct network, We will link you with the best Natural stone supplier in India. Based on the analysis done on your needs or requirement. we will provide best alternatives of natural minerals supplier from India. We will be provide you Product description along their price. From us you get honest pricing (no hidden costs). Everything is spelled out so that you will know exactly how much your investment will be.
ii) Pre-Shipment Inspection
Indian Mineral’s expert and experienced team works for International clients for maintain international quality standards, norm and regulation. Pre-Shipping inspection will take place when at least 80% of the products are ready and packed. The pre-shipment inspection will take place at the factory, or in some cases, it could even take place at the forwarder’s premises or at the pier.
iii) Container Loading Supervision
Container Loading Supervision will take place right before the vendor is supposed to load the products for shipment it is aimed to supervise the loading process. During this we check Quantity, packing list check, the container conditions, the loading process (cartons conditions, filling-up level etc), a quick look at the packaging & packing of your products.